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No Dust Plus

No Dust Plus™ is an all-weather dust suppressant/stabilizer agent that has been designed for road applications. It has a freeze point of –30˚ C and can therefore be stored outdoors in tanks, and applied in temperatures below freezing.

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No Dust Plus™ is a variation of blends of organic material which also contains some glycerol and lignosulfonate. This creates a cost effective choice and a more environmentally positive choice than other dust suppressants and road stabilizers on the market such as Enviro tech, Earthbind, Dustreat (from GE), Grid Lock, Posi-Clear, Clear Flow, Road Clear, Dust Stop, Mg30, Nilex and Calcium Chloride. No Dust Plus™ impacts several aspects of cost savings. No Dust Plus™ is less-corrosive to vehicles; there is no need to add corrosion inhibitors therefore reducing maintenance costs on your vehicle fleet. Other cost savings are reduced transportation costs as it is shipped in concentrate and reduced road maintenance due to the increased road stability. No Dust Plus™ is easier to apply than Lignosulfonate and is more durable than Lignosulfonate, Mg30 or Calcium Chloride. It is also not controlled under TDG regulations.